Terrains provide many important functions for your cities:
info on construction projects
Terrains that are built with shiitake


Needs: work 4 This will eventually become forest with shiitake.
Build cost: work 6 shiitake 1
This is: fertile, landwork, reverttoprevious
Build on: forest Culture needed: 17
Changes into: Forest 15%


Needs: work 12 mutton 50 flour 40 cabbage 30 cheese 20 garlic 5 shiitake 1 wood 2 Award: The first player to build this terrain is awarded 2000 points.
Makes: pie 700
Build cost: work 80 brick 20 garlic 1 shiitake 1
This is: foodindustry, industry
Build on: Delicatessen Culture needed: 50