Action Points and Gems

your action gems look like this in the gameGems represent action points and you use them to perform actions. They are shown in the upper right corner of your map view. You can use them at any time to move and act.

Every turn you collect another sunstone sunstone. To save space, 3 sunstones appear as one large emerald.

The holding limit is 18 sunstones (which appear as 6 emeralds), and any gems above this limit are lost. This gives you a roughly four-minute window to leave the game without getting too behind other players.

You start with 18 sunstones. Thus, in a 240-turn game, you have up to 258 turns to spend.

Some actions, such as placing new cities, take several emeralds. You can use the done button (lower-right of the map) to hasten the turn. The done button may also be activated if you have less than 3 sunstones. If other players press the done button or run out of gems, you will see their flags appear next to the done button.

List of all gems

Emerald Emerald = SunstoneSunstoneSunstone 3 sunstones or 3 turns

Sunstone Sunstone = SapphireSapphire 2 sapphires. A sunstone represents one turn or one standard action point.

Sapphire Sapphire = 1/2 of a turn

Amethyst Amethyst = 1/4 of a turn

Onyx A fat onyx is shown when you have less than a sunstone, meaning that your turn is over (you can still use leftover sapphires and amethysts for minor actions)

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