Ludopolis Citizens

Citizens are one of three basic groups in Ludopolis: players, citizens, and traders.

Citizens provide the work that makes a city run, and they consume a city's goods and services. Their activities form the basis for the player's quest for the highest cultured country and the trader's quest for profits.

What citizens control

Where to live: Citizens will move between cities and between countries in search of the best living conditions.

Degree of civility: If they become too unhappy, citizens may forgo niceties, such as government and dental hygiene.

What citizens want

  • High wages, so they can afford to buy food, durable goods, and luxuries
  • Food: Preferably their favourite foods
  • Safety: A city that is far away from war
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Durable goods
  • A happy city with plenty of public space
  • A low workday
  • Luxury goods