Learn from Others

You can travel to any other player's country within reach, and study their cities to see:
  • how the cities are meeting their needs, such as housing, food, and public space
  • immigration patterns to and from the city
  • what the city is planning to build
  • common exports and imports (you can even review their Goods Reports)
  • many of the activities of the other players as they move through their country

You can also strike up a conversation to learn about the theories they are developing and using to help them build a country. This can help you broaden your repertoire of strategies — a helpful thing to do when there are so many options and interactions in the game world. Also, as the easiest way to get ahead in Ludopolis is through cooperation with your neighbours (and to out-do your non-neighbours), if you understand your neighbouring countries' strategies, then you can work together more efficiently.

You can learn from others in Ludopolis without even running your own country. Once you are in a game, you can journey around the map to inspect others' countries and to chat with them about their activities. If you are playing "tourist," it can still benefit you to form stepping-stone cities to help you traverse the map (the yellow found city button).

Remember, it's not polite to give advice unless somebody asks you for it! Likewise, it goes without saying that many polite people are waiting for the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge or share their theories if only you ask them for advice.