Score is achieved primarily through culture. "First Maker" awards can also provide a small boost to your score. In Experiment games only, you can also gain small bonuses through the challenges.

Scoring with Culture

Every turn, the culture of all your cities is added to your score.

For example, if you have one large city with 46 culture and a small city with 7 culture, your score will increase by 54 each turn.

Every ten turns (on the decade), the scores in the game are updated. You won't see year-to-year gains reflected in your score.

Culture is the most important way to build your score. First Maker and Experiment awards will net you only a few thousand per game at most, but scores from culture will fall somewhere in the range of five thousand to fifty thousand.

Gaining Culture

Information about your cities' culture can be found near the bottom of the city info panel (to the right of the game board map). Click on it for detailed information.

The maximum culture level shows how high the culture can grow (or how low the culture can go, if your city is shrinking). Population level, public space, a lower work day, and happiness all contribute to the maximum culture level.

Each turn, the citizens of your city will increase the culture by 1/4. Successful merchant families might also increase a city's culture. Since games are never longer than 240 turns and some of your cities will have maximum culture levels higher than citizens could reach (240 X 1/4 = only 60!) merchants can make a huge difference to your game. Encouraging merchants isn't a straight-forward affair; you'll need to slowly develop new strategies through practise over many games.

If the maximum culture level is lower than your city's culture level (perhaps through losing population or public space) your city will lose 1/4 culture a turn. You can easily recognise cities that are losing culture because the white culture bar will be longer than the city info panel. If you have many cities in your country, you shouldn't worry about shrinking cities. You will still score from them, and the shrinking will be easily offset by your other cities.

First Maker Awards

"Awards" boost the score of the first player to build the respective building.

Small Awards: 500 Score





Medium Awards: 1k Score






Large Awards: 2k Score







Cultural Awards: 3k Score



Experiment Challenges

Experiment-type games (and only Experiment games!) have optional challenges, each giving you 500 on their completion. You can turn on the challenges with the "start the advanced learning challenges" button in the Ludo Menu (the Ludo Menu is the large "?" in the lower-right corner while you are playing the game).