Ludopolis Traders

Traders are one of three basic groups in Ludopolis: players, citizens, and traders.

What traders provide

Culture: Trading companies will help a city reach its maximum culture sooner.

Distribution of goods: Trading companies will help move goods to where they are most needed.

What traders control

Transfer of goods between cities: Traders will take advantages of price differences by exchanging goods between cities.

Creation of new trading companies: Trading families that develop clever strategies will proliferate across the world as they help their relatives start their own companies.

What traders want

Trade capacity: Trading companies need to base their operations in cities that have trade capacity. The best way to provide trading capacity is to build trade ships in your cities.

Surplus goods: Trading companies can't do business with a city that is too poor to buy anything.

Price differences between cities: Trading companies do best when cities have different surpluses and demands.

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