Board Game Basics

Learn about game turns, moving your pawn, adding cities to the game board, scoring, and winning.

Turns and action points

Each turn gives you another action point, or sunstone sunstone. One emerald represents 3 sunstones. You can save up turns and spend them later.

Your pawn and moving you can see routes available to your pawn by clicking on your gems

an example game pawnThe placement of your pawn determines what you can see and where your actions take effect. Other players' pawns will appear as a large version of their flag.

You can see a map of your movement options (right) by clicking on your action point gems. Clicking the large white spots on this map will move your pawn. It costs 1 turn (1 sunstone) to move.

Adding cities to the game board Green Found City costs 2 emeralds

You can add more cities to the game board by clicking on an empty place on the map.


an example culture level Every city has a culture level (right). Every turn, all of your cities' culture levels are added to your score.

A city has a maximum culture level influenced by its happiness, availability of public space (such as parks), and free time (the lower the work day, the more free time they have). A city's culture level will go up or down by .25 each turn until it reaches this maximum culture level.


the country list shows scores and also gives you access to war and peace optionsAt the end of the game, the player or team with the highest score wins. When you start a game, a welcome message will tell you how long that game will last.

During the game, you can click on the country list to view the known culture scores of all the countries (right) to get an idea of who is ahead. The first culture number is the total culture level of all your cities. The second number is your accumulated score.

Surviving and Thriving

the bottom of the city info panel can reveal problems The bottom of the city info panel (right) will tell you the biggest needs the city has. Clicking on them will bring up more help. The survival guide will give you step-by-step instructions an on meeting these needs.

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