Moving Your Pawn

You can move your pawn to any city centre that you can see on the game board. Movement usually costs 1 sunstone sunstone. There is no penalty for moving your pawn onto other players' cities.

5 different ways to move your pawn you can see routes available to your pawn by clicking on your gems

  • click on your gems in the upper-right corner of the map, and a map of available routes will appear (right)
  • click the label of a nearby city
  • click your pawn and drag it with the mouse to a nearby city, then let go of it
  • occasionally you will see a tiny move icon move icon in the interface next to a city name. You can click on the icon and move to the city.
  • you will also see this button on the history barclick on the city centre of the city you want to move to, and click on the move button (right)

amethystInexpensive moves

Moves usually cost 1 sunstone sunstone, but very short moves cost only a quarter of that (1 amethyst amethyst).

You can identify inexpensive moves by:
  • clicking on your gems to open the move map — inexpensive moves will be marked with amethysts.
  • if the tiny move icon short move icon has an amethyst on it
  • if the landinfo panel has an amethyst in the bottom-right corner
  • the city label will be in small capitals and the flag will be smaller

How to build inexpensive movement routes

How can you tell if a new city will be close enough to another city to take advantage of inexpensive moves?
  • click on the gems to open the gem menu and use the buttons there to build the new city. City sites on this map will be marked with an amethyst if they are close enough.
  • or, click on the map space you plan to place the new centre on, and notice if the landinfo panel has an amethyst in the bottom-right corner.

Resetting your position (emerald expensive moves)

If you wish to move to one of your cities that is off the edge of the visible game board, you can reset your pawn's position to this city. In the list of your cities to the upper-right, click on the name of the far-off city. A button here will let you reset your pawn's position. However:
  • it costs an emerald emerald — three times as much as a normal move.
  • if your pawn was carrying any goods, the goods are lost (and gained by the city of departure).