Playing for the first time

Each Ludopolis game is a rich living world. Pace your learning and don't try to learn everything at once.

Start with a top-level overview

  • Read Game Mechanics for a brief explanation of the point of the game — cities with high culture scores — and the systems within the world that will let you build great cities, such as attracting traders and immigrants
  • Read Board Game Basics to how to use your pawn to move and to add cities to the game board.

Playing the tutorial game

  • From the selection of games in the left sidebar, choose a Tutorial game.
  • A message will pop up to welcome you to the game. Click the blue button in this message that says "show me the interface" and complete the tour of the useful parts of the screen.
  • The tutorial game will give you a series of goals. You don't have to do these goals, but they can help you learn how to use the many aspects of the game world to win.

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