Garlic cloves are one of those curious substances (along with accordions) that are much easier to find after the revolution. We players, being sophisticated pre-revolution folk with rare sensibilities, are mutually despised by rebels, who lack an ability to appreciate anything that cannot be smelt, heard, or whistled at further than you can roll a keg.

The consequence of this cultural divide means that the attempt to obtain garlic comes with a risk to your country. It entails causing the revolt of a city, and then making off with the rebels' garlic before they can usurp your utopia.


This is: food, good, tradable

7 terrains make garlic from work

2 terrains use garlic to make pie, ale

2 terrains are built with garlic

Commodity info

Feeds 1k people for a year
Weighs 2
2% is lost every year